Volume I: Kickin’ off the Blog

Thanks for checking us out.  Our goal here is to inform vacation enthusiasts (everyone) about ways to plan a cost efficient vacation using Home Exchange and/or Vacation Rental websites. 

With the multitudes of sites out there that seem to offer the same thing, it’s challenging and time consuming to figure out which is best for you.  We want to add value.  We want to make your life easier.  So… you found us… what do you think, are we on the right track?  Tell us where to begin and we’ll blow your mind! 

You’ve seen the movie, The Holiday, with my buddy Jack Black.  Who do you think uses home exchange sites besides Cameron (I got dumped by Sexy Back) Diaz and Kate (I haven’t made a quality flick since Titanic) Winslet?  And if you havent’ seen the movie, here’ s a link.

Actually, home exchanging is real and taking off like a rocket!  Here’s another link about home exchanging you might find interesting. 

What do you think?  Would you use a home exchange site?


One response to “Volume I: Kickin’ off the Blog

  1. My company – ExchangeHomes.com – has been continually in business, promoting the concept of home exchanging for 22+ years and during that period of time, our members have arranged hundreds of thousands of successful, happy home exchanges.

    We have members who have been with us since day one, plus others who have renewed over and over, year after year. They are like old friends!

    Of course, I cannot speak for them, but it stands to reason that both ExchangeHomes.com and home exchange itself must be getting it right for them.

    I also run a well read home exchange blog at http://exchangehomesblog.com . It contains a number of member stories as well as lots of tips and advice about home swapping.

    Cheers and happy exchanging!

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