Booking your vacation rental.

Hi Everyone.  Today we will place a question for you to test your knowledge of renting vacation homes. 

When traveling, should you rent your vacation property directly from an owner… or should you go through a rental agency?

Pick the answer that is most likely correct.

A. Go through an agency.  Vacation property owners tend to be very disorganized and the booking process may take forever.

B. Go directly to the vacation rental home owner.  The vacation rental home owner wants his/her guests to have a great and memorable vacation so you will come back and also refer future business. They invest their time and will make your accomodation hassle-free.

 C. Go directly to the vacation rental home owner.  Home owners are often local and available 24/7 .  If a problem should arrise, then can assist immediately whereas travel/rental agents can be remote and lack personal interest in your experience.

D. Go through an agency.  Rental agencies have the experience and efficiencies to get you the best value for your money.   After all, this is their job.   

 What do you think is the Correct answer?

Post your opinion or check out our work-in-progress site,  Feel free to send us an email and check back tomorrow for an right answer!


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