Invest your Government $600 in Travel/Toursim

So… what are you going to do with your $600-$1200? 

While a good number of morning callers (on Real Rock 101.1 and XL 106.7) said they would spend the money on gadgets such as HD TVs, iPods, video games etc., I was STUNNED by the number of people saying they would save or pay off debt.

If anything, the nation needs to invest in travel and tourism!  This is the ultimate trick-down effect for the economy as it not only stimulates hotels, casinos, and airlines; but also retail, restaurants, oil, automotive, insurance, etc.  For states with tourism taxes (like FL), the influx of revenue would benefit local government infrastructures to help employ workers and upgrade communities.

So take a vacation.  I recommend Florida, but I’m biassed. 


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