Invest in a Condo at the Beach

BUY LOW, SELL HIGH…. invest in Florida real estate!

A beach condo is a fantastic way to take advantage of today’s housing market.  With prices at 10 year lows and with favorable lending conditions, why not invest in a beach condo in Florida?

NOW is the perfect time to invest your money in real estate.  Not to flip, but to enjoy.  Rent your condo year round to subsidize your expenses, AND allow you to OWN YOUR VACATION property. 

Oceanfront properties on Florida’s east coast (Daytona, Ormond, New Smryna, Cocoa, St. Augustine, etc.)  are affordable.  You can find a great 2 bed/2 bath condo for $350,000, and rent it weekly and earn $2000-$3000 each month.  You may not cover your mortgage and monthly association fees, but you will always have a place to vacation and you are guaranteed to build equity as the market rebounds!!!

Personally, I have had tremendous success, and a lot of fun, renting my family’s beach condo this year.  Finding respectful renters has not been difficult and we’ve provided a nice vacation for families. 

Curious?  If you interested in current real estate listings or renting a place on Florida’s east coast, just Post a reply and we will promptly respond. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity.  For you.  For your future.  For your family.


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